Dad has Parkinson’s Part II: Scientific Observation (i.e. Finding Probable Cause for a Disease that “Doesn’t Have One”)

This article will be shorter than it should be. I am not a medical doctor nor am I a neurobiologist. I am a daughter (and, to give myself a little credibility for literature review, a PhD Microbiologist currently practicing structural biology) who loves her dad. I want to make sure information that is generally ignored in medical practice is at least being discussed here. I have only added single references for some of my statements and, as a scientist, recognize that this would not cut it in peer review. However, if you like to read peer-reviewed literature, then you are welcome to use these articles as a jumping off point (or email me for more literature as I have quite a collection at this point.) I want to focus on, what I think, was the major contributor to Dad’s PD, whether genetically predisposed or notextended proton pump inhibitor use. I will also mention a potential biological reason for Dad’s susceptibility to PD−increased MAO activity. And, finally, a good indicator of future neurological disease that Dad experienced, but society, in general, passes over because it is so common−sleep disturbance.

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Dad has Parkinson’s Part I: The Diagnosis

Beginning about 8-10 years ago, Dad seemed tired and maybe a little drunk in the evenings.  This wasn’t a big deal to Mom and I because dad did drink in the evenings.  He didn’t drink much and it was never an amount of alcohol that concerned a doctor (yes, Dad told his doctors EVERYTHING).  Dad had also gained some weight and was taking proton pump inhibitors (PPIs).  Dad ate mostly whole foods, cooked at home 95% of the time (he and mom are damn good cooks), ran, traveled, and lived a relatively active life.

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Oh She Glows Vegan Chocolate Pie

A few of my friends on Instagram were interested in the chocolate pie that I made for Friendsgiving. I followed one of my favorite online Vegan Queen’s recipes.  While the texture was incredible, it was a pretty rich chocolate taste–and I love dark, dairy-free chocolate. So, I have posted how I made the Oh She Glows Recipe this time around and have added some suggestions as to how I’ll make it next time.IMG_7807
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