“Love Yourself” Challenge 2017

As with the Fall Challenge 2016 , the “Love Yourself Challenge” was built by a woman for women.  The goals of the challenge were also similar (e.g. build strength and endurance, learn more about good nutrition, develop a positive body image.)  In 8 weeks, the participants showed that with commitment comes great reward! It was hard for the judges to pick just one winner, so it was a tie!  Here are some notes from the top finishers:

“I’ve lost 12 lbs. I can workout for longer without back pain. My posture is worlds better. I can more easily lift and play with my daughter and I sleep better at night! All of these things are incredibly valuable to me and I’m so glad I took on this challenge. My confidence is so much better and I’m happy to have clothes that fit more comfortably!”

“I’m so pleased! I had a goal to wear this swimsuit I’ve had since 1998 (before I got married and had 2 kids). I am down 9 lbs, which I have not been down to in 5 years. I run, so I don’t like to do leg workouts as it impacts my endurance, but I did them anyway and have enjoyed the quad development. I ran the same 1/2 marathon last year and I was a minute faster this year even though I didn’t do nearly as much distance running. Probably the HIIT (which I’ve done as hill workouts) paying off!”

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