The Claaaaasic Writer’s Block Post

Damn.  Who knew I would run out of words?  Though, I’ve primarily ran out of time and brain power, but that’s no excuse.  I have been collecting peer-reviewed research articles for future posts.  My efforts to compose these articles into something more enjoyable than seemingly dull science and math have been thwarted by my real life job as a science nerd.  I am NOT complaining.  I love the lab I work in, the research I conduct, and in general, the reasons for the writing center of my brain being occupied with all things C. diff and methanogens.  This post is primarily a promise to you, the reader–and maybe it’s a bit of a “to-do” list for me, the chronic organizer.  I have been reading A LOT and not sharing my new toys, so to speak.  I would like to commit to one solid post a month in 2015.  Topics I’ve been researching in my “fun reading” time that have triggered a desire to write are listed below.  If you would like to see anything added to this list please leave a comment.

  1. Heart rate as an indicator of training (when to recover and when to press on)
  2. B vitamins (probably a series of posts on B1, 6, and 12, specifically)
  3. Creation of a nutritional biochemistry tab (It’s looming because I’m obsessed!)
  4. Bacterial overgrowth in the human gut
  5. Functional training and high mileage (guest author)
  6. Yoga, myofascial release, and muscle activation for mobility (what I’ve learned so far)
  7. Why I am vegan
  8. I really really really really really want my friend Thomas to write an article for me, but his brain is so full of awesome stuff that i haven’t decided what to beg him for yet.

Thinking in one of my favorite places–outside.


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