Smoky Sprouts

I’ve never really loved bacon (gasp!), but it’s this sexy food thing that people seem to dig. So, I decided to cure some tempeh and add it to these things I do love–brussel sprouts and cauliflower–for Friendsgiving…

Brussel sprouts, as many as your belly can handle
Cauliflower, ditto
2 packs of plain, vacuum sealed tempeh
Smoked paprika
Smoked sea salt
Regular old sea salt
Black pepper
Garlic powder

Maple syrup
Balsamic vinegar (If you have a sweet heart of a husband who knows you enjoy good balsamic vinegar, then it will be 16 year aged balsamic.)
Olive oil

Slice tempeh in thin strips and then cut into pieces
Heavily coat with seasonings (in bold above)
Add balsamic and maple syrup (only enough to coat, you don’t want soup)
Cover and let sit in fridge overnight (for at least 18 hours)

Next day:
Wash and chop cauliflower and brussel sprouts into bite size pieces
Space out in oven safe pan
Coat with olive oil, salt, pepper, and garlic powder
Bake at 400 F for 30-40 min
Cook under broiler until starting to get crispy (about 10 min)

While the veggies are cooking, add olive oil to a heavy pot
Fry tempeh as you would bacon (evenly spaced, no stacking, both sides…of course, flipping each piece of tempeh would be dreadful, so you can just move it all around with a spatula)

Once the veggies are done and the tempeh is browned, mix together in a bowl and eat them sons of guns!IMG_7795


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