What dumb thing did you do today?

Me, I ran on my injury. Now I’m back to limping. Was it worth it, probably or I wouldn’t have done it. Was it worth it because I went ahead and ran the marathon, no. I didn’t do that. I did learn something about myself and my actual goals today though. I wasn’t bummed out because I’m injured and I couldn’t race. Nope. In fact, I deferred my race entry until next year. (Thanks OKCMM for that option!) It made me mad because I couldn’t run with all of my friends and family like I wanted. I couldn’t be a support system. Last year I got to run a friend into the finish. While watching for her, I saw a ton of other friends racing and just jumped in to run and visit with them for a bit. Call it bandit running, or whatever, to me it is much more rewarding than running a race of my own.

I did get to run with my amazing dad miles 2-4 and then run with a few friends at the 2 and 10 mile of the half before my foot was busted. Some highlights:

Listening to my dad joke and visit with me while he ran the beginning of what would be his FIRST HALF MARATHON. He was so relaxed and ready for that race. He finished in 2:34 at 64 years of age! Love it!

Being surprised by Kevin running with the fast folks and getting to run with him for a bit. Then, being super happy to see him run by again at mile 23 in the top 10 men and finishing with a PR of 2:50.

I got to see Camille race in person! Aaaand, witness her setting the new record, joining her husband in that feat.

Hearing what can only be described as a tiny bird screaming at me at mile 10 and turning to see my adorable friend April running faster than last year. How could I not jump in for just a little itty bitty bit to run with her? Great job on a new PR Mommy Murray! I’m very impressed.

Seeing Kate and Nicole running together again made me happy. The announcement of a future runner on Nicole’s shirt over a barely-there baby bump made me smile even bigger! And, only one pee break?? Way to go!

The guys that called me hot. Β (If only they knew.)Β Thanks random guys I don’t know. LOL. You made this gimpy runner’s day.

Hearing Kim’s voice from the race when she lives so far away. Great job Kim and Joan!

The 3 guys eating iced honey buns during the half. I could only laugh at them. Luckily, they laughed with me.

Hearing my name called from a vehicle and turning to find my super heros Katelynn and Jan who gave me a much needed ride to the finish. Congrats to Team Mr. Robert on a sub-3:00 relay!

I’m so glad you all can see me on the sidelines because it is borderline nauseating to try to find people you know in a crowded race, especially now that day glow is back in fashion. Hearing my name over and over and seeing so many familiar smiling faces kicking their own asses made me happier than hearing my name as I cross my own finish lines. I am so proud and impressed by all of you.

I’m leaving you with something that gave me chills and made me want to jump up and do a victory dance for her and for all the other athletes that have to wait out an injury. This was posted to Facebook after the race. Katie Kramer patiently conquered an injury and finished the half marathon strong today. The look on her face is glorious! Good job to her and everyone else who conquered one thing or another today!

Yes! (Photo captured by Dr. Chris Barnes)

*Photos courtesy of my fantastic mom or provided by the folks in the picture unless otherwise noted, except for the horribly blurry photo. I get credit for that one.

The best cheering section/photography crew. Mom and Husband.


7 thoughts on “What dumb thing did you do today?

  1. Gavin Clark says:

    Ah…..The effect runners have on other runners. Runners make runners do crazy things, like running on an injury that you know is not healed properly….Been there and done that, ruined my chance at 2006 Sydney Marathon. Runners….. give runners inspiration to keep on training or racing (especially in the latter half of a marathon) when we are feeling crappy….Anyways you get the point. Reading this blog just inspired me to get my LAZY ass out the door and do 10k.Runners inspire………..

  2. Jessica says:

    Jason always calls it ghost running. It sounds like you had more fun “cheering” than you would have had running.

  3. Chuck (Dad) says:

    Thanks for being with me. Even though it was brief it stayed with me throughout the race. You are an inspiration and a great coach and motivator; and. most of all the greatest daughter a Dad could ever wish for. So heal up and get it on. My racing Angel.

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