My Running Function Is Broken

Some people are wondering what I do when my running function is broken. Well…

Cry (Picture Courtesy of Mommy this kid.)



Of course, that won’t sustain me, but, without running, that’s all it feels like I’m doing. In reality, a typical “gimpy” week looks like this:


Cycle for at least an hour (16-20 miles). Sometimes do some running arms while on the bike. (Cyclists will make fun of me for that. Runners will probably understand. And triathletes, well, they empathize with my degree of crazy.)

Muscle endurance circuit a la Shane Cristelli (takes about 15 minutes and HR gets up near 180 bpm).


Pool workout. Typically get between 1000-2000 yds with Aquatic Bootcamp drills thrown in the mix.

If feeling extra lame for not running, cycle again in the evening.


Back to the bike.


Back to the pool.


Contemplate running. Jog to the end of driveway. Realize you aren’t healed. Limp back to the garage and get on the bike trainer. Maybe swap your Black Keys or Mungo Jerry Pandora for Adele Pandora.


Stare out the window into the dark morning and imagine yourself doing a long run while the sun comes up. Flake out on your 3 hour bike ride. Convince yourself you can still have Pepe’s for lunch and eat everything even though you didn’t do your long run.

Nap like you ran 20.


Easy distance work in the pool, no drills.

Make up your 3 hour bike ride from Saturday.

Come home and want to throw your bike in the trash because it’s nothing like running. (Sorry cyclist friends. I’m just not in love with it…still.)

Lots of massaging, stretching and icing in between. Even with all this, I feel as though I haven’t worked out all week. And, looking into this guy’s face is the worst.

"This Guy"

He misses his running too. I don’t write all this to make you all sad and mopey because Cat can’t run a marathon this go round. Waaaah!! So…don’t feel sorry for me. Laugh with me. Learn from me. And go log some miles for me!

And…maybe stink up a couple of these for me too:

"A Potty Parade." -JA Pryse


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