I run to…

A running friend was sweet enough to take me to a Lady Antebellum concert this past weekend! We were visiting a bit and she challenged me to write a blog about the above song. I thought about it and this seemed doable. Most athletes ask themselves why they do what they do all the time. I know I’ve considered in a race a time or two (or twenty), ‘If I just fell off to the side and faked an injury, then no one would know the difference. I can stop feeling like I want to vomit, cry, and laugh all at the same time.’ I usually reason with myself that I’m just not a quitter and to keep pushing forward in a race. During training, it’s easy to say to yourself, ‘Any pain now makes race day that much easier.’ Ultimately, the aftermath of training, that euphoric feeling, is addicting.

But running for love?? Many of us run/bike/swim and, generally, endure for a variety of causes all built on a platform of love for others. With the new Nike commercial, the thought of running for a more…ahem…amorous love is brought to the masses. It took me a bit to determine an example, in our own lives, when Husband and I have both run for each other. I know he loves me, in part, for my athletic adventures and I love it every time he heads out for a run or bike; however, to actually run toward someone for the sake of love…Well, here are our stories (I would LOVE for you all to share yours):

Husband runs to me: Β I started running the end of my sophomore year of undergrad. Husband and I had been dating for a bit less than a year. I was, by no means, an experienced runner. He was not really a runner at all. He had promised to go for a run with me one Saturday. He was going to do part of my long run of 4 miles with me. (Ha! Wow, how times have changed.) He had also committed to “dude lunch” with his good friend at a local Tex-Mex joint. He showed up to run with me wearing a polo shirt, cargo shorts, and skate board-type shoes. He was also loaded up on at least a pitcher of the beer special and some microwave-worthy “Mexican” food. He decided to take a short-cut across the golf course. He managed to meet up with me on the other side and finished the run. I learned later he had barfed all over the golf course, but he still showed up where he said he would and finished with me.

Fast forward almost 10 years.

I run to Husband: Β Most days I walk to work. Occasionally, I save my swim for the afternoon so as to break up my walk home. Husband wasn’t feeling good when I left home that morning. It is very rare that he gets sick, much less mentions not feeling well. I called him before my swim and he said he was going to take a nap. I checked my phone after my swim to see I had missed his calls. When I called him back I had already started walking home. He told me he had blacked out and was shaking. (I can’t stress enough how weird this was because he rarely even gets a cold.) He said he was going to drive himself to the hospital. What!? With my book bag, wet shoes and clothes, I started running. On that run, in addition to the anxiety I felt about the man I love, I thought a lot about the men and women who run with heavy packs to protect our lives and their loved ones everyday–those men and women who serve our country. I thought about people who run away from their homes with their families to escape hardships that most of us, as Americans, can’t really understand. I also, sadly enough, thought about the survival skills running provides for the Zombie Apocalypse. (Rule #1: Cardio.)Β 

It’s so easy to run for love, not that we always love running. Although, to be honest, you can always find a reason to run that will help you to enjoy it more. So, maybe we can tweak this Lady Antebellum song a little bit so that it becomes a song that justifies the ludicrosity that is running:

“I run [through] pain. I run [against] prejudice. I run [to prove] pessimists

…I run…late. I run my life…[and enjoy when it’s] running me. Run from my past. I run…fast or…slow it seems. When lies become truth that’s when I run…This world keeps spinning faster [so I run]…We run on fumes [and Honey Stingers, almond butter, oatmeal, Gu]. Your life and mine like the sands of time slippin’ right on through. And…love’s the only truth…”

Now tell me…for what, in the name of love, do you run?


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