Could it be…

…that my training plan is working!? I sure hope so. Going into a marathon using my own training plan is a bit scary. Buuuuut, I’m a scientist. With that in mind, I knew that as long as I stayed uninjured, the experiment could be approached from multiple angles and repeated again and again. I’ve repeated much more monotonous, uninteresting experiments. At least this experiment is fun. Thoughts like this make my fears of failure subside a bit. These thoughts also make me hate my job. That’s a big reason we run though, right? To forget about our jobs for a bit. To stay sane. To remember we are living, not just part of a big machine. To clear our brains of all the trash. I digress…

I ran my first race today gearing up for the marathon. I’ve stuck to my training plan until last week. I did not do my long run in preparation for this week, wherein I would trade Tuesday’s speed workout for a long run (14 miles) and do a 12 mile run with a 10K in the middle on Saturday. Luckily, there was actually a 10K race today. I PRed by 7 seconds!! That doesn’t sound fantastic, but my 42:50 10K was straight out of cross country in undergrad. I’m now 28, on my own training plan, no athletic trainers, no ice baths, no speed camp, no strength and conditioning other than the insanity I put myself through at the pool and daily core work. I ran a 42:43. I’ll take it! It felt good too, which is more important than the finishing time in my opinion.

Back to the usual training next week…

Monday: 3-4 miles with Amos

Tuesday: Strength/aquatic work

Wednesday: 2×5 miles @ 7:30, 12.5 miles total

Thursday: Back to the pool

Friday: 3-4 miles with Amos

Saturday: 16 mile long run

Sunday: Maybe I’ll get my butt on the bike

I’m still only increasing about 2 miles every week. I might be switching it up, actually. I am considering doing a 13 miler Wednesday, no speed work, and then doing 9 miles tempo in the middle of my 16-miler on Saturday. My body seems to want some sort of change and I think it would be better to have complete tempo runs as the marathon approaches. Thoughts are appreciated.

I know it’s not mile repeats at sub-6:00 pace or 100+ mpw or 2-a-days or running 7 days a week, but it’s my training plan and it appears to be working…YIPEE!

“Success isn’t how far you got, but the distance you traveled from where you started.”


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